Spring has sprung. ‘Cause that’s not cliched or anything…

Last weekend, and Monday, it was wet, grey and miserable. Today, and yesterday, however the sun was shining, and we received the first warm weather of the season. Which I guess isn’t hard because yesterday was the beginning of the season.
I love Spring. I think it has to be my favourite season of all time. It’s not as murky as Autumn or as extreme in it’s temperatures as Summer or Winter. It’s pretty much perfect. All the baby animals are born, the flowers come out to say hello and everything just looks green. It’s nice enough to start wearing shorts/skirts/dresses but you still have an excuse to snuggle under big doonas when the nights are chilly. It’s, to quote Hannah Montana, the best of both worlds.
Toong, Zoe and I spent lunch time today half asleep on the grass near where we sit. It was so warm and comfy we wanted to stay there forever. Or at least through fifth period.
I’m sure as soon as we start hitting the forty degree plus days I’ll be on here moaning about it and longing for Winter, but for now, I’m pumped for Spring and some warmer weather. Lets face it though, I’m more looking forward to the shopping and cute clothes that come with a new season. And I bet you are too 😛

frangipani princess xoxo

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