A small part of me died tonight with the season final of Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation. Everybody in the whole school world knows how obsessed I am with Josh Thomas, and Toong and other friends must be so sick of ‘Oh no! TBYG is ending tonight *tear*. But don’t worry, there’s a Christmas special AND second season.’ I’m even sick of hearing it, and I’m the one saying it.
TBYG has to be one of my all time favourite shows. It’s just so funny/random/epic. The fact that I get to stare at Josh for an hour doesn’t hurt, but I’m sure I’d still like it if he wasn’t on. Actually, I’m not, but anyway.
The only thing that is keeping me happy in TV land now it is over and Rules Of Engagement has been moved to one half hour time slot a week is the fact that GLEE is starting in two mere weeks from Thursday. I have never been this excited for a TV show. Ever. The teaser episode back in July was amazing, and I almost cried when they said I’d have to wait until September to see more. Well, here we are in September and I couldn’t be more pumped. Don’t Stop Believin’ has been stuck in my head for the last few days and everytime I hear it it makes me more excited, if possible, to see what happens next. Channel Ten was onto something good when they picked it up. And it’s not on the same time as anything else, so I won’t have to fight the family for remote control. Geddit? Remote control? Anyway.That was lame. So I’m going to go and leave you with a question to be answered in the comment box ‘What is your current fave show/what show are you most looking forward to watching?’

frangipani princess xoxo

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  1. I just discovered a hilarious new show last night that you may enjoy GG, The Real Wedding Crashers on channel 7 at 11.30pm(after 10 years younger in 10 days). I don't know why it's on so late it is such a good show.It's basically Punk'd but with the general public. The bride and groom hire the 'wedding crashers' to pull pranks on their guests before and during their special day and then reveal what's really going on at the end of the reception.In the episode I watched last night they got fake cops to arrest the groom!

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