To a favourite fictional character…

Dear Harry Potter,
Wow, it’s been a long time. We first met when I was six, nine years ago, and it has been a mad love affair since. I remember being annoyed when I realised my brother would ‘get his letter to Hogwarts’ before me, and then at eleven still having a part of me disappointed when no letter arrived on my birthday. I remember taking a year to get past the first chapter of book four (uh, I was about seven. Please don’t say I’m not a true fan.), and then sobbing in it and the next three. I remember getting the books the minute they came out, and seeing the movies ASAP, and then being super disappointed in their failingness. I remember being so distraught at the end of the seventh that I vowed not to read it again, and it was that vow that has brought me down. Here I am just over two years later, and a terrible HP fan. I say I love them but apart from the movies, my life has been a Harry Potter free zone these last few years. Then I discovered MLIA and everyone on there is a diehard fan. It made me jealous, so I have made a promise to jump back in to the epicness that is HP. We don’t own the first book (mum lent it to a student years ago and never got it back) so today I went on a library quest and borrowed it. I plan to read through all the books in the next few weeks, and who knows, maybe then I’ll read them again. Apart from the first and seventh, I have read all the books a minimum of five times, and there was a period where I could pretty much recite the fifth. Oh how things change. So as the students of Hogwarts prepare to embark on a new school year tomorrow, I prepare to embark into the wonderful world of Harry Potter once again. Wish me luck, I’ll be seeing you soon.
frangipani princess xoxo

6 thoughts on “To a favourite fictional character…

  1. I remember when i borrowed the ifrst of someone (h maybe?) mum is like 'haven't you already read that?" and like 'pshh, only… five ro six times.' Mmm, I've always been a diehard fan. Like massively. Loves it.Xoxo.. Toognen..

  2. I love Harry Potter too!although my biffel forced me to read them. I thought they were really scary, cause' I watched Champer of Secrets and there was the Basilisk!xoxoi love MLIA, FML is so much more depressing.

  3. u seem to hate the movies…no offense but if it took u a year to read the first chapter of the fourth book then u dont have an interest in reading it therefore ur not a true harry potter fan…btw i love ur blog

  4. Umm, Anonymous, since when does you inability to get throught The Riddle House mean she's not a real fan? It was a rather boring chapter that didn't seem to have any connection to Harry (the connection was established later). Almost everyone I know who has read that book had trouble with the first chapter. And I know hardcore fans, myself included.Xoxo.. Toongen..

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