The flipside…

Have you ever noticed that good and bad news go together? Like if you have bad news, there’s usually some good news on the flip side and vice versa? Maybe I’m imagining it, but it seems to be pretty true for me the last few days. Let me enlighten you:
We were in the debating semi finals and the topic was ‘That Poker Machines Should Be Banned’. We were aff, and  thought we kicked butt. The other teams main point was that pokies were a type of entertainment. It was awesome. But then, the adjudicators (there were three, the main three head debating guys from the department of education) got up and told us we had lost. Uhm what? Their main reason was ‘Our second speaker hadn’t rebutted their second speakers points’ and ‘We didn’t talk enough about other forms of gambling’. Ok. But unless we were psychic, it is impossible for second aff to rebut second neg, and the topic was on pokies, not gambling. Fail. The head head guy even told us to go back to school and tell them we’d been robbed. Well Mr. Evil Bald Guy, if you thought we’d been robbed why did you over-rule Cool Gay Guy and give it to neg?
It was a two day workshop, and that happened on the first day. Even though we weren’t in the final we decided to go back over, mainly to get out of school. It was so much fun. We did a mini debate against the 7/8s from school with the Cool Gay Guy on the drinking age and just laughed hysterically while talking about livers (is your liver mature??). To top it off, the team that beat us did terribly in the grand final and lost, and then they announced the J.D.S.C team, and I was named on it 🙂 So pumped 😀 I get to go to Sydney for a three day workshop in late November to debate against the best debators from the other nine regions of NSW. There were only four picked from my region so I’m super proud.
We’ve been working on Tournament Of The Minds for the last five weeks. After school, at lunch and during sports lessons. The regional final was on yesterday, and we thought we went really well, and aced our Spontaneous. At the presentation, however, we were named as coming in second place. Uhm, what the smurf? We wanted to win dammit! And coming second is 2128394732897 times worse than last, as if we’d just done a smidgeee better, we would have won and be going to Sydney.
We got to see Adro 😀 😀 Toong came in my car and we thought we were going to miss his performance as he was on at 9.20, and we got there at a quarter past. We looked everywhere and finally saw them and we started running at them and even though they (the rad as Steph was there too :D) were half way through a practice they dropped everything and ran to hug us. Even though we didn’t get to spend that much time with them, it was amazing seeing them again. Steph had to judge primary sponts so we chilled with Adro most of the time. It was so much fun, even though I almost broke his iPhone 😛 We so have catch up again soon! Toong and I (and Anewa, another girl on our team) went into town when Adro had to go (eight hour drive = fail) and had so much fun. Toong the dog has a single bed so she got to get a, wait for it, Camp Rock doona with JB AND Demi on it. I had to settle for Here We Go Again, Angus Thongs And Perfect Snogging, a JONAS mag and vitamin water haha. I love shopping with her, we have so much fun.

So ok, I thought I had more examples than that, but do you get my picture? Even though something epicly failish may happen, something good is most likely just around the corner 😀

frangipani princess xoxo
ps. Because TOMs is now over, and debating isn’t until November, I’ll have heaps more time to post 🙂

3 thoughts on “The flipside…

  1. It was soooooo amazeballs seeing you guys again!We must meet up somehow, somewhere. *nodding* :P…and its ohkay, you didn't break it that bad, hahaha.. Xx

  2. I completely agree, that's definitely the best way to look at things. Also, hurruh on the having more time to post! I've missed your blog extremely :):) ALSO, I finished redesigning my blog. Yay. Check it ;)Cat xx

  3. All the cool teams came second. Even if Alex and Reyan weren't in it, the HV kids are pretty cool. Bella was the only sympathetic perosn in my house (coz I said we lost, not we came second). Haha, Anewa ditched us in Kmart coz we shop in the kids section. Lol..Xoxo.. Toongen..

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