September DOLLY…

Hmm. DOLLY, DOLLY, DOLLY. Where do I start with this review?
I went over some basic points yesterday, but after devouring the entire mag, cover to cover last night, I’m still not sure what to think. I’m just going to give a run through of the important parts and then see how I feel about it.
Gem’s letter is lacklustre, only a paragraph on bad hair days. More exciting is the full page WOWP the movie ad next to it 🙂
Joemilla get a mention in DOLLYWOOD (the section cleverly titled ‘dumpbug’), which is a change. Especially since it’s quite up to date. I’d normally expect goss like this in an Aussie mag months after it happens.
Stacks On is an interesting read, which is surprising, as I hate Short Stack with a passion. Seriously boys, get a hair cut!
Fashion in teen mags = dull so I’m not going to go through it. If you want fashion, pick up the new Shop Till You Drop. Very awesome and well worth the $8 (?) cover price.
I am loving the new section “FYI: Because you’re more than just a pretty face”. It covers everything in short, easy to follow and read sections. My favourites this month are ‘The Phone Files’ and ‘Save or Splurge’.
Features up next. Quite a few fresh reads this month, which is a nice change. Personal favourites are ‘Do You Need A Mean Girl Makeover’ and ‘The Fashion Insiders’
Real People bores me to death. Honestly, I do not care if you’re a fashion magazine editor, that you’ve been on the road for four years or that you got a songwriting contract in the US. Not worth your time to read, unless a particular topic really, really interests you.
Harry Potter centrefold (Short Stack on the back, but not worth a mention). HP never gets posters, so I was quite excited when I saw this. Not excited enough to put it on my wall, but still.
More features. ‘Is My Next Boyfriend Right In Front Of Me?’ Uh, no, but fun read nonetheless. ‘True Crime: Teens Who Kill Their Parents’ is a hard hitting story about a terrible crime. Worth a read.
More Fashion.
Beauty. It has a giant Camilla Belle picture so I’m not wasting my time talking about it. Actually, it doesn’t look half bad for a beauty section.
Sealed section is ‘Let’s Talk About Sex’. Because that one hasn’t been done to death.
Body Happy is a fun section. Lots of interesting ways to stay fit/healthy. Easy to read and very informative.
Get Hyped is full of more celeb/book/music info, but it doesn’t have anything amazing in it.

Overall, the mag is pretty good, there is only two pages plus the cover on Twilight, so if you ignore the twihard mag, you’re good to go. 7/10. If you’re a twilight fan, buy it, but if you’re over it like I am, it’s not really worth the increased cover price. Unless you like Shortstack. Or really want to see a Glee ad.

frangipani princess xoxo
ps. Girlfriend review to come, but at debating day tomorrow (more to come on that) and then final TOMs practice and Charlii’s brother’s 18th, then actual TOMs, so you may not hear much from me until Sunday.

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