The Mag Wars…

Wow, hi DOLLY and Girlfriend on the same day. This hasn’t happened for a while. Didn’t DOLLY change their release date so that they came out two weeks after gf, just so people could afford to buy both? Actually, just checked gwas and she pointed out that it’s DOLLY’s September issue but Girlfriend’s October. Maybe DOLLY was trying to be more month friendly? I always find it odd that the October issue is released in August etc. Anyway, that’s besides the point. What is the point is I have two shiny glossy new magazines just waiting to be devoured.
I haven’t actually read either as yet, but I think girlfriend is going to be my favourite (for the first time in a while), just because the free gift with DOLLY is, wait for it, a 148 page Fanpire mag. Uhm, What The Fail? Rpatz and Kstew always star on the cover. I am so totally over them it’s not even funny. They are on five million covers this week alone. Will it never end?
Girlfriend has Ashley Tisdale as covergirl. Not actually sure what she’s done (new album a while ago?) but it’s a nice break from Twilight. And she used to be a Disney star. Bonus points. Gf also mentions the WOWP movie (premiering here 19th of Sept on Disney :D) so that’s another win for them.
Watch this space for a run through + rating once I read (so later tonight) 🙂

frangipani princess xoxo
ps. Girlfriend is $5.70 and DOLLY is $7.95

4 thoughts on “The Mag Wars…

  1. I did flick throught the fanpire mag and it had a couple of mentions of Taylena. At first I got all annoyed because I had to pay more for DOLLY for a freaking twilight thing, then I realised I spend more than $7.95 on magazines all the time. Still it's not something I like form an Aussie mag.Xoxo.. ToongenP.S Ashley has a new (B-grade) movie out. Aliens in the attic or something.

  2. The Dolly magazine isn't actually that interesting, there isn't really as much to read as Girlfriend this month, its mainly just pictures and short sentences… The Fanpire book was ok, but they're going a bit far with the whole Twilight thing now…xx

  3. I'm really over Dolly, the person who designs the pages needs to be shot. The deisgns just look really crappy and aren't up with the times. Girlfriend on the other hand need to be commened for the layout design which is fabullous as always. The only criticism I have on GF is that there seems to be more pictures and less content in their articles and I just feel like they are dumbing me down sometimes when I read the articles. But I've noticed in the last couple of issues the written content has increased.Loved GF's cover last month with Emma Watson – beautiful.

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