And I’ll be fine…

So I just got a comment telling me to post more. Yeah, I know I should but life at the moment is hectic. It’s six o’clock right now and I’ve only just got home. I had a debate at school today, TOMs practice and then flute, starting fifth grade. I now have to cut a whole chunk out of a speech for english, fix a bit of the TOMs play and fix some music for TOMs. Oh the joy.
I am really apologetic for my lack of postage, I do try, but this is just a superduper busy time for me. After the 29th of August everything should be over. Unless we win. But lets not go there yet.
Please just put up with my sporadic posting for a little bit longer. Hah. A little bit longer (cue title etc) 😛

frangipani princess xoxo

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