Afl is only exciting when there’s a brawl…

Ooh, I kind of abandoned you there without warning didn’t I?
I do have an explanation though, I have been in Melbourne since Thursday. It was the brother’s eighteenth birthday and I had to go to the dermatologist and the orthopedic surgeon. Neither of these visits ended happily, the dermatologist told me I had to go back on Roaccutane (read: evil acne drug I was on all of last year that caused fails of side effects like dry, paper thin skin, cracked lips and nose bleeds) and the orthopedic surgeon decided that the best solution to get rid of my knee pain would be to break both my legs and straighten them with a plate. Yeah, ’cause that’s normal. That lovely operation is planned to take place in October or November, for the first leg at least. All up I will be on crutches for sixteen weeks and be off school for four, two after each leg. I guess I am lucky that I didn’t agree to get it done when it was first brought up this time last year. Back then he was reccommending breaking my ankle in two places and my thigh bone (sorry I can’t be more technical, bone names have never been my strong point), but now he hopes I have enough rotation in my hip so he’s not doing the thigh, and they’ve taken the second break out of the operation procedure now. There is still a chance that I will end up pigeon toed (like Joe!!) and will have to get my thighs done later, but fingers crossed. Another bonus is I get out of sport for ages 😀 😀
I also caught up with the lovely Bella for crepes and went to the Afl. It was boring, as expected, but the tickets were free and awesome, and there was a brawl, so I guess it could have been worse…
Anyway, you probably didn’t feel like reading any of that, but now you know just how massive epic fails doctors can be.
How was your weekend?

frangipani princess xoxo

4 thoughts on “Afl is only exciting when there’s a brawl…

  1. You, Miss Random, are annoying. Who the hell do you think you are, up on your high-and-mighty blog horse, to tell Frangi, (the girl whos blog was so good it got into Dolly), to post more? She, unlike you, has a life, (albeit very concerned with boxes), and will do as she likes. Decent posts take time. GOU….Pssssh…<3 R

  2. Anonymous/<3 R Just because you said not to, Frangi you need to post more. Like seriously, every second post on here is saying how you'v abandoned us and you'll post more, but you never do. I feel adandoned.Xoxo.. Toongen..

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