I will not be unhealthy…

As I sit here writing this, I’m eating two minute noodles. Not the healthiest thing ever, but it’s a vast improvement on my usual computering snack of three mini packets of chips and/or whatever other lollies/chocolate/junk food I can find in the cupboards or fridge. Yesterday during my sleepover I realised just how unhealthy I am, after going to the supi and spending $107.55 on lollies and chips, so today is the start of my health kick. You may remember this post from November last year about a health kick. That one lasted a whole week, ok, maybe two, but not very long. I’m determined to stray from my bad eating habits for at least a month. I just feel so fat lately, devouring sausage rolls, hot chips, packets of chips, lcms and soft drink like there’s no tomorrow after throwing out the remainder of the one piece of fruit I packed after taking one bite. It’s disgusting.
I went on my school food shop earlier today, and instead of my usual twenty pack Thins, I got vege-chips, which are just as yummy, but so much healthier. Instead of shapes I got mini sakatas, I bought my favourite nuts and lots of carrots and fat free jatz to go with my hummus. I really want to stick to it this time. Charlii is on a health kick at the moment, so we can encourage each other 🙂
Wish me luck guys!

frangipani princess xoxo

5 thoughts on “I will not be unhealthy…

  1. I'm on a health kick. I started out being really good about it and I've gotten a bit more relaxed but I'm still way better than i used to be :DGOOD LUCKCat xx

  2. Hey i just got your thanks! I was looking at an old Dolly Mag and found your blog featured in an article. I saw The word Jonas Brothers and thought "she must be cool if she is a JB fan" Thanks for commenting!!!! Seli xoxo

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