The ten reasons why…

I’ve played the flute since I was eight, but I’m still a relative newbie to the sax, only doing my first exam yesterday. After a million things went wrong with it, I have decided to go back to the flute, and compile this ten reasons why…

The Flute Pones The Saxophone:
1. There are no annoying octave keys to break the night before exams
2. There is a B flat key, so scales are much easier
3. It’s 298578392479 times lighter
4. There is no neck strap that can be accidentally left on
5. It makes a nicer sound
6. It can’t squeak
7. It takes a lot less time to set up
8. There is no need for reeds that break at the most inconvienent times
9. It’s easier to clean
10. It doesn’t hurt your mouth to play

And I could go on forever…
frangipani princess xoxo

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