Frangi Playlist…

I get nervous quite easily, before tests, music exams, speeches, sporting events (kidding, like I do those), you name it, it makes me nervous. I even get so nervous I can’t eat before my music camp audition. And it’s not even a real audition, it’s just for group placement. I needed a way to help calm my nerves, so enter Jonas Brothers. Take A Breath and Hold On are my two nerve killing songs. Take a Breath is especially good before public speaking etc. as I tend to be a crazily fast speaker, as in people miss half of what I’m saying, so it encourages me to slow down, pause and just take a breath. Hold On is good just because it’s my all time favourite and the message in it just revives me. And it can be applied to any situation (long car trips when you need to go to the toilet, waiting in lines, you name it, it fits).
If I do badly on a test or something, I tend to listen to Underdog, I don’t know why, it just helps me feel better. Turn Right also helps when I’m in a sad/confused mood.
Anyway, today’s playlist, as you can tell from explanations above, is JB songs that help and encourage me:
1. Hold On
2. Take A Breath
3. Underdog
4. Turn Right
5. Black Keys
6. A Little Bit Longer
7. That’s Just The Way We Roll

Do you have songs that just make you feel better, no matter what?

frangipani princess xoxo

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