Pop it, Lock it…

You will all remember my numerous posts on the hoedown throwdown, and random comments about doing it everywhere with toong. When we were cool and did this months ago, everyone laughed at us. They called us freaks and basically thought we were the biggest loser ever.
Oh how the tables have turned.
You see, these very same girls went to see the Hannah Montana movie ‘for a laugh’ (whatever, everyone is a secret disney fan. There’s no denying it) and now are obsessed with the hdtd. They sing it non-stop, but they are such fails they don’t know the dance moves. We began singing it yesterday in pdh and one such girl, who spent the last term looking down her nose at us for doing it, said ‘omg I love that! I wish I could do the dance!’
Toong and I totally called this though, whenever anyone bagged us out for it, we would say ‘just wait until the movie comes out here, you will fall in love with it and want to learn it. You’ll see’. And then they would say ‘Eww as if. It’s Hannah Montana’. Hahaha whatever hypocrites.
Hypocrites are quite possibly my biggest pet peeve ever. What’s the worst case of a hypocrite you’ve ever come across?

frangipani princess xoxo

3 thoughts on “Pop it, Lock it…

  1. Argh Julie is the worst with hdtd. She doesn't know the words and and absolutely fails and the moves. We were all singing it at lunch today, it was stuck in my head so bad.Xoxo.. Toongen..P.S I wonder if Tom ever ended up going…

  2. eeeep, I love the hdtd!I can finally do all the moves but not always in time to the song!I got the video podcast of how to do the dance and put it on my iPod so I've been watching it out and about šŸ˜›

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