This is sadder than sad…

Today is a very sad day. So sad in fact, that I just might cry. It’s sadder than Michael Jackson dying. It’s sadder than pretty much anything that has ever happened. Ever. Tonight, and I’m tearing up as I write this, is the final episode ever of The Chaser’s War On Everything.
Let’s have a moment of silence.
I know, I’m as devastated as you all are. It’s only my favourite show ever. They’re just so funny, and clever, and generally amazing. They’ve graced our screens for three years, how can they just end?
Tonight’s episode is bound to be beyond awesome though, we can trust the Chaser’s to go off with a bang. Probably an illegal bang, but we can forgive them.
In memory of the awesome show, I’m going to count down my five favourite Chaser moments/segments ever.
5. If Life Were A Musical
I loved this segment so much because I’ve always kind of wished that life was a musical. And the stuff they do is just so totally random. They didn’t do it this season, which disappointed me, but it will be forever in our hearts (and on our dvds).
4. The Eulogy Song
They were just so daring when they sung this. It was oh-so controversial, but oh-so hilarious. My legacy speech is based on parts of it, and you can often hear me randomly singing lines.
3. Anna Coren
This season just hasn’t been the same without the millions of references to Ms. Coren. Who could ever forget the hilarious segue of the week segment, or just general jabs at her? The fact that they were all friends in real life just made the jokes so much funnier.
2. Ad Roadtest
This segment was my all time favourite, and I always squealed a little when it came on. The more outrageous the ad, the better, and the funnier. One that sticks out in my memory is when they tested the lose yourself in Melbourne ad, and walked around with giant balls of wool. So. Funny.
What else could possibly be number one? I watched this segment again the other day, and my entire family was in stitches. The fact that they got through all that security and only got discovered when Chas got out dressed as Osama Bin Laden will never fail to amaze me. It just proves how outrageous(ly funny) they really are.

Speaking of Chas, I can’t wait to see his makeover tonight. It’s bound to be beyond funny. Chas has always been my favourite, mainly because he does all the crazy stuff hahaha. He just doesn’t have fears, or morals for that matter, but honestly, isn’t that why over a million of us tune in every week?
What has been your favourite memory of the War?
I hope you’ll all tune it at 9pm tonight to farewell the boys with me.

frangipani princess xoxo
ps. Sorry to all my school friends/classmates who have heard me complain about this for the last few days, but especially today hahaha.

3 thoughts on “This is sadder than sad…

  1. I remember an Ad Roadtest where they tried to buy stuff with bricks. Like, they'd randomly go into a store with a wheelbarrow full and bricks and try and use it as money. And I wish life were a musical. That would win. But I don't know what my fav would be.Xoxo.. Toongen..

  2. *sniff* Whatever will I do without my Chasers?I loved 'If Life Were A Musical" and I remember when they ad road tested that Wendy's ad, and were like Hey, can I have a 'I'm depressed and contimplating suicide?'And when they interviewed Americans, asking them when September 11 happened and told them that the Eiffel Tower was in Melbourne…R.I.P Chaser!

  3. OMG, I didn't think that was for real, I thought it was just rumours that it was stopping! :OChasers is like the best show ever!Noooooooooo, how can they do this to me.I just loved how they would poke fun at everything and anythinng. they found a funny side to it all. They taught us to take life less seriously and to be spontaneous and completely and utterly outrageous. They made us challenge societal norms and want to go against the grain. The show pretty much meant everything I stood for.And I just remember all the times at school everyone would get so involved in discussing their fave chaser moments. I even remember watching some of the early episodes before it became so popular.It doesn't even make sense why their killing it, so many people watched it, everyone knew who the chasers were and everyone could relate to what they talked about. What the **** is wrong with the australians public?! Get some nuts and get over yourself, you can all go die in an epic hole! *pokes tongue out at all the chaser complainers*R.I.P. Chasers. I'm feelng teary right now 😦

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