But all that’s now forgotten, once they took their final breath…

I’ve spent nearly all my free time since I’ve come home working on my speech for the legacy competition. A few of my long term readers (ie. this time last year) may remember my legacy speech from last year on Orwellian Society’s. You can check out a draft of that one here. Anyway, after coming a close second last year because I didn’t mention anything about the war in my speech (hello, it says free choice!), this year I have decided to write mine on ‘legacies:why is everyone a top bloke after death’. The whole things isn’t quite finished yet, but I thought I’d share some choice excerpts with you:
(A possible introduction) “Ladies and Gentlemen, how do you want to be remembered after you die? As a loving person? As someone who always put others before yourself? For your popularity? Your intellect? Your sporting ability? Unfortunately, we don’t have the capacity to make this decision, our legacy is determined for us; but don’t worry; it never seems to be bad.”
(On Michael Jackson) “His CD’s instantly shot up in the charts, and weeks later he was still holding the top few places. Sure it’s good to want and have his music, but honestly, if you had wanted Thriller so badly, and loved him that much, wouldn’t you have owned it before he died, when he needed people to buy his music to stay out of debt?”
(On why we do it)“Or is it merely because, and this is especially true in the case of celebrities, during life we followed their moves so closely, we loved them, we idolised them, that we can’t bear to face the fact that they’re dead. They seemed so much larger than life while alive, that we secretly assumed they were immortal, that they would never die, or at least not before they were well into their nineties.”
(The start of the conclusion) “Really, ladies and gentlemen, what legacies all boil down to is comfort for the living. When someone dies we all say Rest In Peace, and I suppose if we all keep bringing up all the bad things they did in life, they, but more importantly, we, can’t do that. The peace isn’t necessarily for the deceased, it doesn’t really concern them now, it’s peace for us.”

Opinions are extremely welcome, I have to give it on Thursday and it’s still in the first draft stage. If anyone wants to read the full draft, you can either leave me a comment with your email address in this form (frangipaniprincesss (at) hotmail (dot) com) so that I can send it to you but bots can’t spam you, or you can send me an email at the aforementioned address (yes, the three s’s are intentional).
Thanks heaps guys 🙂

frangipani princess xoxo

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