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I’ve been a part of the blogosphere for the past year two and a bit years now (I know, it so doesn’t feel like that long! Thanks to madd for correcting me hahaha) and in that time I have come across some pretty cool blogs by other teens. There are the ones by my friends that I love by default (think toong’s , laura’s and maddi’s) and there are there are those I find and then become friends with the bloggers (think chell’s and angela’s etc.) and then there are those that are just so totally awesome I have to share with all of you here. Not saying the others aren’t, but anyway…
Meet Kerri And Eva.

Their blog is a joint effort, based around their obsession with Disney and life in general. The tag line of their blog is ‘trying to escape our life and be someone’ and they have said numerous times that they wish to be the aussie ‘katie and karleigh’. Except they would be so much cooler because K&K pretty much fail at life.
Kerri and Eva (real names Denise and Stefani) provide extremely entertaining posts, and vlogs, from their home city of Adelaide and trust me, once you start visiting, you can’t stop.
Go over, check them out and say hey 🙂
You can also follow them on twitter at

frangipani princess xoxo

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