I don’t like to admit this…

I always say how much I hate sport and refuse to participate, but the truth is, I only really hate sport when it involves my participation. Give me good seats to most sports (afl is the only main exception) and I’ll adore it and cheer with the best of them. I’m a rugby girl through and through, but living on the Victorian border means my sporty side really doesn’t get shown much. My pdh comment on my half yearly report read ‘___ recorded outstanding results in both of the theoretical assessments so far this year. This is somewhat surprising as she constantly focuses on socialising more than completing set activities (NB: I only really socialise AFTER completing set activities). The greatest area for concern is in the practical component where she rarely performs to her potential (NB: How does he know what my potential is?). Her skills would improve with more effort.’ Yeah. The parents were proud of that one. Anyway, the point is, mr pdh teacher would be surprised to learn I actually follow a lot of sport teams, some quite religiously. He would definitely be surprised to hear I was yelling at the cricket umpire on tv with my dad the other night after those shocking decisions. My favourite sports teams are as follows:
The St George Illawarra Dragons
These guys have been my favourite team for my entire life. They haven’t won a premiership since sometime in the seventies, but I’ve never given up hope. They got a new coach this year and are on top of the ladder, so who knows, maybe 2009 will be the year of the sainters?

The NSW Blues

The greatest thing that depresses me about sport and living where I do is that nobody appreciates the good ol’ state of origin. It’s only three of the greatest rugby games ever people! The blues were a bit of an epic fail this year, it’s no use winning the third game of the series boys if you’ve lost the first two. But don’t worry, we’ll be back with a vengence next year.

The Australian Wallabies
Hello. What Aussie doesn’t love the Wallabies? Their slogan even is ‘I wanna be a Wallaby’. Good memories watching Wallabies tests with my family šŸ™‚

The Australian Women’s Cricket Team Confession time. Until last year, I didn’t know Australia had a women’s cricket team. Then my aunty got engaged and it turns out her (now) husband has two daughters on the team. Instant fan here. I don’t think the team is going very well at the moment, and they don’t make nowhere near as much as the men, which is a total outrage, but good on them for having a go. One of the girls, Kate, isn’t on the touring team at the moment, some big drama about selections, but Alex is, so good on her šŸ™‚ I’d love to see them play one day. And that’s saying something. Cricket is only slightly more exciting than tennis.
So there you go. Frangipani Princess, the secret sports fan. What teams do you go for?
frangipani princess xoxo

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