With a bad hairdo and a protest sign…

So in English at the moment we’re doing protest songs and poetry. Actually, we just finished it, but that’s besides the point. We got an assignment the other day and we have to write + deconstruct our own poem, plus do this whole thing on an Australian protest song. Before we found out it had to be an Australian protest song I was going to do ‘The Feel Like I’m Fixin’ To Die Rag’ by Country Joe and the Fish. Or some such random band. Once my hopes of that song were crushed, I decided to do ‘I Was Only Nineteen’. I went onto iTunes to download it, and didn’t pay much attention to the one I purchased, I just clicked at the top of the list. Once it was downloaded, I realised I hadn’t bought the original song, I had gotten a hip-hop cover of it by The Herd. At first I was annoyed and quickly downloaded the original, but then actually listened to the cover version and realised how awesome it really was. There’s even a part at the end where they incorporate the original version into it. Just listen:

It’s pretty amazing.
After I had gotten that sorted, I sat down to write my poem. I had no idea what I was going to protest, but I eventually started writing one on homelessness. It actually turned out to be more of a protest of society’s views of homelessness, but anyway. Here it is, feedback is greatly appreciated 😀
I stand on the corner
Begging for food
I ask you for money
Embarrassed to be rude.
You just walk by me
Shaking your head
As far as you’re concerned
I’m better off dead.
You think I’m a junkie
A deadbeat, a whore
But if you look again
You’ll see a lot more.
Once upon a time
But not that long ago
I was just like you
Hard to believe, I know.
Some bad decisions
A desire to be independent
Left me alone and jobless
No money for food or for rent.
My parents disowned me
No longer their kin
Five years ago who would have imagined
The situation I’m in.
I’m not a bad person
We’re not all on the drink
So next time you see me
I just want you to think.
When I ask you for money
And you walk away
Please don’t deny me
I know you have change.
Just spare a dollar
You have many more
With your kind donation
I can buy dinner from the store.
I’m still a human
I may have gone to your school
Everyone deserves food and water
Denying me that right doesn’t make you cool.
With your kind help
One day I might be alright
Move into a home, have a family
Get back my life.
It’s just a first draft, but I think it’s turning out pretty well 🙂

frangipani princess xoxo
ps. Snaps to anyone who can tell me where my heading is from 🙂

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