Lines, Vines and Trying Times…

I meant to post this on Saturday or Yesterday, but I went to HMTM on Saturday and yesterday I felt so sick I spent the day in bed. Anyway, here it is, my track run down of Lines, Vines and Trying Times:
WWIII – This song is not my favourite on the album, but it’s ok. I think the verse vocals just make it seem weird, but the chorus is catchy (I had it stuck in my head all day yesterday). This song was rumoured to be about Miley, but then Niley went and got back together so I’m not sure.
Paranoid – Can you say ‘Over it?’. I liked it when it was first released but now it is just annoying. I must say I love having the ‘Doctor’s meds’ version though.
Fly With Me – This song was heard in the credit’s of Night At The Museum Two, but the album version is so much better than it. It’s definitely one of my favourite songs on the album. The piano playing and cute tune just makes it impossible not to love.
Poison Ivy – I love this song the chorus of this song (everyone’s allergic to poison ivy/everyone’s allergic to poison ivy/everybody gets the itch/everybody hates that…). The verse’s are kind of annoying, and then the third verse or random bit is just weird and annoying. That said, it is a pretty awesome song.
Hey Baby – Not a favourite, but it’s nice. It’s got a different feel to it, not their usual tune with lots of horns in the background. Worth a listen.
Before The Storm – A super cute Niley duet. Need I say more? It’s freaking amazing.
What Did I Do To Your Heart – JB go country for this song, and it sounds awesome. It’s really catchy, easy to sing along to and just an all-round fun song. They do these claps half way through the chorus and they never fail to make me laugh.
Much Better – A hilarious dig at Taylor Swift (Got a rep for breaking hearts/now I’m done with superstars/and all the tears on her guitar/I’m not bitter)
Black Keys – My equal favourite song with Much Better. Nick wrote it just using the black keys of the piano, and it sounds amazing. My favourite part is the chorus (And the black keys never looked so beautiful/and a perfect rainbow never seemed so dull)
Don’t Charge Me For The Crime – A really awkward song with guest star rapper Common. It just doesn’t work. I’ve only listened to it twice (it just wouldn’t import onto iTunes. Weird), but yeah, worst song on the album by far.
Turn Right – This song is beyond amazing. It’s another slow song, and is generally epic. It’s about ‘turning right’ on ‘the racetrack you call life’ because when you’re on a racetrack you have to turn left, and them being at the finish line to make it all better. So sweet. Many fans report crying when hearing it for the first time.
Don’t Speak – I really don’t like this song. The introduction has awesome strings and sounds amazing, but the actual singing parts drive me mad.  
Keep It Real – This song is from their tv show JONAS, and is super cute and fun to sing along to. It’s about ‘keeping it real’ while staying famous and was featured on the episode of the same name.
Ok, so to make it a bit easier for people who might not want to listen to the whole album/just want to buy a few songs from iTunes, here’s the rate/hate list:
Much Better
Black Keys
Turn Right
Poison Ivy
Keep It Real
Before The Storm
Fly With Me
What Did I Do To Your Heart
Don’t Charge Me For The Crime
Don’t Speak
Hey Baby
Paranoid (but I did like it at one point)

Overall, I give it a 4/5, it’s a pretty awesome album and has debuted on the ARIA charts at number 5. So proud (:
Have you listened to it? What are your rates and hates?

frangipani princess xoxo
ps. Last day off school for me, feeling a lot better but need to be 100% for debate tomorrow. Hannah Montana The Movie review later 🙂

3 thoughts on “Lines, Vines and Trying Times…

  1. I love the album in general. It's different, but awesome.Favourites would have to be Turn Right, Black Keys & Fly With Me. They constantly change though..,I agree with Dont Charge Me For the Crime. But it's growing on me… Sort of. It's edgy.Hey Baby is really fun to turn up extra loud and dance to 🙂

  2. nice review 🙂 can't say i agree with rating Before the Storm [sorry, just not a Niley/Miley fan!] and hating Hey Baby, but otherwise, i generally agree!yeh, cant stand don't speak, either. ahah 🙂

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