Talk to strangers…

My latest obsession has actually been on my cool-dar for a while now, but I’ve been too busy to do anything about it. The other night I was on here at oneam because my friends were watching some movie that looked too creepy for my mood, so to kill some time I went on which is, of course the said obsession. What it involves is being placed in a random msn-esque conversation with a complete stranger. What you say comes up under ‘you’ and what the other person says comes up under ‘stranger’. You can talk about whatever you want and if someone gets too creepy/annoying, you simply ‘disconnect’ the conversation. You also decide how much information you give, you don’t even have to sign up to use it. So far I have gotten adro and toong addicted, but I believe it may have been Chell who first linked me to the site. You should all go and check it out, it is extremely amusing and good for a laugh. You can meet awesome people like Jordan from Ohio, who will then convince you to give them a blog shoutout. Tell me the best conversations you have via it šŸ™‚

frangipani princess xoxo

6 thoughts on “Talk to strangers…

  1. Omegle is like telemarketing slash speed dating, slash MSN.It's awesome. Sometimes one too many asians though. Not that Asians aren't cool, through Omegle I actually got into helping two chinese and a korean learn English… gradually.All the same it's a load of

  2. Omegle is so legendary hahaThe idea of it is kind of creepy and completley contradicts the number 1 rule that you learn as a kid, but hey, entertainment is entertainment.x

  3. haha, after reading your post, i actually checked out Omegle, and i have quite enjoyed my experience on it so far!so thank you for spreading the word about this cool website! :)one of the convos i had was with a korean guy, who was very sweet and at one point said "maybe i love you"? hahaha! but then again, who knows if it REALLY was a young korean guy… might have been a creppy old man, but i guess that's the beauty of anonomity. ;)i love your blog! i'll be sure to visit more… šŸ™‚

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