Dear Nozin’ Aroun’, You Are Not My Nemisis…

This morning I was innocently checking my ‘came from’ page on statcounter when I came across a blog. I went onto this blog, and the author had the nerve to say, and I quote ‘Now, that blogger who was featured in Dolly wants to enter as well. I would like to think my writing is better than hers’. Burn. I began skimming through the rest of her posts, and I ended up finding an entire post devoted to me. Now, this is not a new occurance; I often find bloggers have said things along the lines of ‘Frangipani princess has inspired me to start this blog, she’s so awesome’ etc. etc. in their first few posts. What WAS new, was the fact that it was a hate post. The whole post was devoted to the fact that I was a superficial idiot who, wait for it, isn’t worthy to watch Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog. Here’s an excerpt:
“So, back to my initial point, whatever that was. I just don’t like the fact that people who watch trashy teen dramas set in Orange County religiously, oggle over homolicious, lip-less, in desperate need of a hair stylist ‘actors’, and who’s playlist consists of 10 songs, 9 of which are the HomoBros (and one Weird Al song, huh.), are allowed to appreciate something like Doctor Horrible, and use it’s songs to compare homeless people to a spoilt teen.”
If you’re in need of a major laugh, you can read the entire thing HERE.
The whole thing was a rather pathetic attempt at her trying to prove she’s a better writer than me because she likes Lord Of The Rings and sci-fi. Uhm, yes, because that makes you a better writer than me >_>
It really annoys me when people, and it always seems to be ‘academics’, think they’re holier than thou. You can’t judge someone based on their interests, especially over the internet. If you read my blog (well, you are, but anyway) you would probably think that I’m some kind of lover of all things pink, disney and generally girly. If you knew me in real life, you would think the same thing you would assume I was some scarily smart nerd. Yes, miss author of “nozin’ aroun’ “, I too am a nerd. Straight A’s (except in PDH, but that doesn’t count), severly unco-ordinated, self appointed captain of the debating team… Numero Uno Nerd Material. We make way too many assumptions in life, and shouldn’t. One of the boys at my school, Rhys, made a speech at the state public speaking finals last week on that very subject. Judging people based on something as superficial as a blog or first impression is extremely idiotic and we all should stop. Unless you know the real me, back away from the insults, if you know me however, feel free 😛
The other thing that really annoyed me about the post was that she said I shouldn’t be allowed to appreciate Dr Horrible. It’s mind boggling. I found out about Dr Horrible last year, pre-ordered the DVD from America, show all my friends whenever possible, constantly quote it and know all the words to all the songs, and she is saying because I like the Jonas Brothers and the OC I shouldn’t be stopped from enjoying it. So weird. It’s like me saying because she likes LOTR she shoudn’t be allowed to watch Disney Channel. And honey, the only person who can quote LOTR and get away with it is Nat from community channel (:
Toong discovered this ‘crazy random happenstance’ about us though, we both love Rocky Horror. Why has she focused on all the ways I’m a superficial idiot and ignored the fact that we both love the amazingness that is Frank ‘N’ Furter. She even has a picture of him from Sweet Transvestite in her header. Another crazy random happenstance is she loves Star Trek, and I love Lorenzo Henrie who is in Star Trek.
This post isn’t just aimed at that delightful blogger, although she did inspire it, it’s aimed at everyone who has ever judged, ever categorised and stereotyped based on interests and first impressions, ever wrinkled their nose at someone for liking a certain person or band. I could be all immature and make fun of her for liking LOTR and Sci-Fi, and for being so petty that she pulled Maddi up for calling it ‘Dr. Who’ and not ‘Doctor Who’, but I’m not. I’m going to say that she is a talented writer and I’m glad she has taken the time to be a reader, even if it is just to insult me. Let’s be honest, I’m sure I have many other haters out there. Anyway, I’m off to watch JONAS. It’s the ep with their real home movie footage (: Loves it 😛

frangipani princess xoxo
ps. Check out Maddi’s message to her here 🙂

9 thoughts on “Dear Nozin’ Aroun’, You Are Not My Nemisis…

  1. Aren't you self appointed captain of the debating team? You're (thankfully) not on the chess team.Also, if she can pick up Maddi for writing Dr. Who not Doctor Who, then I'm going to pick her up for writing Doctor Horrible when it's Dr. Horrible.Thirdly, I think another of the pics in her banner may be from Scrubs. Another thing you both love. And I also love.Xoxo.. Toongen..

  2. It's a flower! I just discovered something entirely new… hey it's your friend from America who's in Queensland who you talked to on Omegle about being psychic and stuff.Thanks for the great convo and I gotta say this is a fantastic blog… Seriously, you have me impressed and I've been all over blogs for years. I'm frikkin' PSYCHED that I read you're in debate. Four years of that in highschool (kudos me) and explains to me why now you seemed ridiculously intelligent, assertive… whatever it was that it seemed you were on Omegle the other night.And hey, whoever it was that was poking joke at your blog, they can just go sit on a cactus. They just have successful blog envy. Jealous jealous.Take care frangi._Caleb

  3. hi i do not mean to sound like an arse but i do wish to make a simple statement.why not end this feud that appears to be leading no where nozin around made sopme mistakes and shouldn't have said what she said but you should be a big enough person to just allow this to roll off your backand allow it all to be forgottenbut that is just the view of me an external third partythanks for listening

  4. Hey Fangi Priss (: i read that blog off that girl! and all i can say is OMG! what a stalker. i have been inspired to blog from that very same article in Dolly and i think someone has had a visit from the green-eyed monster. btw i love that Burn! it's rad. Keep up the good blogs they're awesome as (: x

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