I would be so much richer if I packed vegemite sandwhiches…

The other day I was thinking about how much money I spend in a week. What I realised shocked me and made me seriously think about my spending habits. Let’s look at an average week of spending in the life of frangipani princess before my realisation:
Monday –
Recess from canteen (hedgehog) – $2
Lunch from canteen (2 sausage rolls with sauce and a large chocolate big M) – $6
Tuesday –
Recess from bakery (donut and muffin) – $3.10
Lunch from canteen (as Monday) – $6
Wednesday –
Recess from canteen (Vanilla Slice) – $2
Lunch from canteen (as above) – $6
Magazine – Between $5.70 and $10.95 depending on title
Martial Arts – $9
Thursday –
Recess from canteen (Coffee scroll and Apple Slice) – $3.50
Lunch from canteen (as above) – $6
Friday –
Recess from canteen (hedgehog) – $2
Lunch from canteen (as above) -$6
Magazine – Around $8
Weekend –
Depends on what I do, but between $0 and $50.
Total –
$92.60, averaging out the variable prices. Ninety Two Dollars. That’s an awful lot. Oh, and just a side note, I pack fruit and stuff to eat at recess as well every day, I’m not totally unhealthy 😛
I got thinking and decided to help cut down on my spending, I would only get one sausage roll and a small milk at lunch (saving $2.80 a day), I would also try and get less recess from the canteen (possible saving of around $2 a day, but I can tell you it won’t stick) and finally I would cut down from 6-8 magazines a month to a maximum of four; girlfriend, dolly and whatever two teenies I can get my hands on first. That should save me around $20 a month. All up, I’m aiming to save around $20 a week, or $80 a month. Hello, in just one month of spending less at the canteen, I will have enough for JB tickets. It’s going to be hard though, so wish me luck (:
How much do you spend in an average week?

frangipani princess xoxo

9 thoughts on “I would be so much richer if I packed vegemite sandwhiches…

  1. I dont spend anywhere near that much, wow. in a week its always less than then twenty. Im only allowed to buy my lunch once a week and my parents pay.Cat xxps. check my blog 🙂 comments appreciated

  2. How the crap are you 15 and have money!?Man when I was 15 I ate two peanut butter and am sandwiches a day and lived in a garage! Where do you even FIND 92 dollars a week? … I don't spend that much money in a week now!… that is amazing. You are blessed. I mean I'm blessed too but… wow.Caleb

  3. wow, that is a LOT gg! Is that pocket money or money from a part-time job?I hardly ever buy anything from the canteen and only spend stuff every couple of weekends but my parents will buy me stuff every now and again.I'd say definitely cut down on the canteen food, it really doesn't sound too healthy. I'd say cut it down to 2 meals a week from the canteen(an that can include a recess).Bt anyway, good luck on your saving!

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