It would be selfish for me to win…

I feel like every second post I make at the moment is apologising for not posting. This time I don’t even have a cool excuse. I do, however, have the new DOLLY, featuring Nick Jonas’ rumoured on-again gf Miss Miley Cyrus. It also comes free with a mini-hair straightener (in a pretty pink or a beautiful blue) and a fame theme. Sorry gf, it totally pones your Lilly Allen theme. The heart your body campaign is continued, and there’s a poster of JB. Not the best, but at least they’re listening to what their readers want to see, via their facey page.
Anyway, it’s price is inflated to $9.95 due to the hairstraightener, but if you do have $10 lying around, buy it 😀

frangipani princess xoxo
ps. I know a few of my awesome readers have been lucky enough to win minor prizes and go in the draw to win a trip to LA in NOVA’s JB competition. Good Luck to you guys, but I really want Charlie to win. Sorry, but he made the website, and forums, which is one of my favourite stops on the net. Creating an entire website for them, if that doesn’t scream ‘Australia’s Biggest Fan’, I don’t know what does. I will be devo though if none of you win and a silly teenie does >_>

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