Wake Up. You’re Alive. We’re On Your Side…

When people, usually celebrities, appear on reality tv shows such as Dancing With The Stars, they’re asked to pick a charity to donate the money to. There’s always the obvious choices like the cancer council, SIDS for kids, the McGrath foundation and the asthma foundation, but I’ve always wondered which charity I would pick if I were on a show like this. Then I found out about this awesome charity, To Write Love On Her Arms, or TWLOHA as it’s more commonly known. It’s a charity that started in ’06 and aims to help stop addiction, suicide and most importantly self harm. It encourages people, especially teens and young adults, to seek help, know that love is out there and to write ‘love’ on their arms/legs/stomach every time they feel like cutting. It gets its name out there via the support of bands, and in America its shirts are sold at popular clothing shop, Hot Topic.
You can check out their vision statement and story HERE and you can check out their totally rad tshirts HERE. The organisation is currently in the process of expanding to Australia, which is awesome, because they help so many people. So yeah, check out their website, think about the meaning, and then tell me which charity you would support if you went on one of those shows, and why.

Love is the movement guys šŸ˜€

frangipani princess xoxo

One thought on “Wake Up. You’re Alive. We’re On Your Side…

  1. TWLOHA really is an amazing charity, I would definitely give to them if I had the opportunity. :)I've been following the progress of TWLOHA since it first started up, it's great to see how far it's coming. It's even better to see that people are finally starting to recognize self-harm as a major problem and not just an 'emo' or 'attention seeking' thing.That's really all I have to say, haha.<3

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