It’s only funny ’till someone gets hurt, then it’s devastating…

A boy at my school has become blind in one eye and may become blind in both or lose his eye after another boy was being an idiot and flicked a bit from a pen at him. I feel so sorry for this poor boy and his family, he was only in year seven, but it serves the boys at my school right in a way. They’re extremely lucky the accident wasn’t a kid landing on his head after backflipping off a wall, or a kid snapping his neck in a play wrestle. They do these amazingly stupid things and expect nothing’s going to happen. They think because they’re young, they’re invincible, and they can keep doing everything and nobody is ever going to get hurt. I think this accident is God’s way of telling these boys to be sensible and take care. Showing them something as seemingly harmless as flicking a pen at a boy while he’s walking to buy chocolate from the year twelves can end up with him at the children’s hospital, permanently half blind with more damage to possibly come. It’s also the teachers faults as much as anything. They stand back while kids walk on the roof, while they jump off things, while they flick things at people, sometimes saying ‘stop that!’ if it gets too much. We need a proper discipline policy for this kind of behaviour. Because we haven’t already, a boy is now disabled and another has to live with the burden that he caused it for the rest of his life.
If any boys are reading this, or even girls, please, don’t do crazy things. It only takes a split second for someones life to be permanently damaged or ended, and the rush you get from doing them definitely isn’t worth that.
I’m just going to keep praying for the poor boy, and praying that the other boys will learn from it and stop acting in that stupid way…

frangipani princess xoxo

One thought on “It’s only funny ’till someone gets hurt, then it’s devastating…

  1. Hey, I can relate to this. A person very close to me had gotten lead in his eye from a pencil. Whether it was accidentally done or not, I didn't know.You've got some interesting articles, by the way. =)) I used to have a blog here at Blogger as well but I deleted it, hehe. =DI'm with you when you said that people should consider the consequences of their actions and that the rush that they would get form doing it isn't really worth it in the end.

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