Sorry if this offends you…

I’m going to start this post by saying I am very sorry if you have cancer or another serious illness, truly, I pray that you will recover. It is a terrible thing to fall sick, and something that no one, especially a child or teenager, should ever have to endure.
That said, I found last nights Chaser skit hilariously funny. I think that as a nation, we need to lighten up. They’re comedians, they weren’t being serious, and you know what guys, another comedy group had performed the skit before them. Sometimes I agree with what they said as well. A boy in my class who has cystic fibrosis but is never sick got flown to America for two weeks and got to meet his hero last year. Sure, a nice opportunity for him, but is it really fair? I don’t see the benefit in giving sick kids their wildest dreams. Sure, what they’re going through is terrible, but what about rape victims, people who have seen their parents killed, kids who have been hit by their fathers again and again. Their lives are just as sad. They have been through just as much heartbreak. Why don’t we give these kids amazing holidays or the chance to meet their favourite celebrity? What about the kids with disabilities? My brother has Down Syndrome. Unlike some of these cancer patients, he’s never going to go into remission, he doesn’t have a chance of ever getting better. He goes through the same daily struggles as a child with an illness, but he doesn’t get opportunities like them. Like in the Chaser skit last night, he begs to meet Zac Efron and is given the equivilent of a stick. It’s not fair. And it’s not just him. There are millions of kids out there with disabilities, some a lot worse than Jack, but they don’t get anything from these charities. It’s hardly fair. And what about the rest of us? It’s almost like we’re being punished for not being sick. I’d love some of those opportunities, but because I have a clean bill of health I have to miss out? Hardly fair. Ok, ok, I may not be saying this if I were the one suffering from cancer, or if it was my best friend or brother, but at the moment, it’s how I feel.
And I commend the chaser for having the guts to air the skit (even though it has now been pulled) and think that the rest of Australia needs to grow a sense of humour.
What did YOU think of it?

frangipani princess xoxo

5 thoughts on “Sorry if this offends you…

  1. Your brother is able to have his wish granted, even if he's not terminally ill. The Starlight Foundation donated a video camera to my brother, who recovered from cancer but is half paralysed. The Chasers always do things that arent exactly PC, but i think they pushed it a bit far this time. We're not being punished for not being disabled – we have the ability to do anything we want. xx Miss Moi

  2. I completely agree with you Frangi. Well said.People need to lighten up, I love how the chaser's poke fun at humanity itself and point out how stupid us humans really are.I also have a disabled brother, he's 18 and has autism and yes, why can't he meet his heros(the wiggles :P)??Plus I've kinda despised people who give to the starlight foundation. That money could help feed a starving child rather than taking some child to bloody Disneyland.Give them sticks I say!

  3. Dead on. I watched that skit, laughed my head right off and then there was all this nonsense about it being absolutely disgraceful and I'm like "Can the 12 people that feel this way just go into a room, form a committee, and get off of television?"There were a couple of people I know that were really offended. But seriously… lighten

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