I wish lucas till lived next door to me…

We have to write a play on a youth issue in English at the moment. The day we got the assignment I think I must have been a bit crazy on Tswift music because somehow my play has turned out to be based on Tswift songs; it’s even called fifteen. It’s quite good if I may say so myself, it’s told from the perspective of Lucas, who’s best friend Abigail dies from drug use after becoming friends with Taylor and falling into a bad crowd. Ok, that doesn’t make it sound that good, but I’ll post the first scene:
Lucas: (Stares absentmindedly through his bedroom window into an empty room in the house next door) That house wasn’t always empty. The most beautiful girl in the world lived there. Abigail. We were best friends for her entire life, fifteen years. What sort of life is that anyway? We started high school that year and it was there she met Taylor. Taylor. She was the start of all of Abigail’s problems. If only I’d sat next to her in Science that day…
(flashback to the first day, science class)
Abigail: (walking into class, half turned to Lucas walking behind her) Luuucas! Please sit next to me! I don’t know anyone else here!
Lucas: (laughing) Abigail, surely you’re big enough to make a new friend. Drew really wants me to sit with him. It’s just this once, I promise.
Abigail: (Sighs in exasperation and sits at the first free desk) Fine. But you owe me big time. (Taylor walks into class. She has dyed black hair, heavy makeup clouds her eyes and she has a permanent scowl on her face)
Taylor: (Looks around the classroom, sees the only free seat is next to Abigail. She rolls her eyes at Abigail’s neat, pretty clothes and drops herself into the seat. In a fake preppy voice) I’m Taylor, looks like we’re going to be desk buddies.
Abigail: (Shocked at Taylor’s appearance, she takes a second to respond) Well, then I’m Abigail…
Teacher: (Interrupting Abigail) Good morning class, and welcome to freshman science…
(Flash back to Lucas, still at window)
Lucas: Even though Taylor had been sarcastic the first time she mentioned friendship, she and Abigail soon became inseparable. If only Taylor hadn’t been everything Abigail secretly wanted to be. A rebel. Someone who wasn’t afraid to stand up to her teachers, her friends, her parents. Of course, that was another part of Abigail’s problems; her parents were always out of town. In another state, another country, another continent. They were trying to make money, allow Abigail to lead a better life, but that was their first problem. She didn’t lead a better life, and they weren’t there to see her go to her first party, the night everything started going downhill…
So, what do you think? Of course, it’s just a first draft and you can’t even tell most of the references yet, it’s only the characters so far, but don’t worry, I have lyrics and all to add in 😛 And yes, Taylor is the evil villain who ends up getting pregnant to Abigail’s boyfriend. Because I’m that cool.

frangipani princess xoxo

33 thoughts on “I wish lucas till lived next door to me…

  1. OMJ, that is awesome!LOve how you incorporate Taylor and Lucas into it. I keep visualising your Taylor like how the real tswift looked when she did that CSI episode(at the beginning when she had the short dark hair). Good job GG! :DIsn’t Abigail the name of one of tswfit’s real life friends? Or maybe I’m just imagining things….

  2. You have to write the WHOLE PLAY by yourself? That's ridiculous! Wow I didn't know you could write though. So far so good. Looking forward to reading the rest of it when it comes out.^_^_Calebwww.wizardofaus.wordpress.com

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