It’s the triangle! NO! Not that triangle…

Sometimes I wish that life was constantly being recorded by video cameras and we could watch everything again. Fast forward through the fights, Rewind and Rewatch the laughs and the loves, and Pause on the moments you never want to forget. It would be so epic to be able to watch forgotten memories, see long lost friends and relive the moments that make you who you are again and again. I was a deprived child, we only have like two home videos, but I love watching them. To see how you’ve changed over the years is an amazing thing, and even though it would be a kind of creepy big brother-esque excercise, I believe that permanent recording would enable us to learn a lot from ourselves. One day, I’m going to go and buy a video camera, and pay someone to walk around filming me, just for a random record of my life. You never know, it might be worth something some day 😛

frangipani princess xoxo

One thought on “It’s the triangle! NO! Not that triangle…

  1. I think having started a blog, you've gotten the first part of that already covered. Everyone should write you know? Everyone should keep notes, even if just to themselves. It sure would clear up a lot of questions.You're a fantastic writer from what I can tell and it's awesome reading this

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