Push Kick, Round Kick, Jab-Cross, Elbow…

In 2007, I did martial arts. I was completely hopeless at it and would spend my time there talking very loudly and trying so hard, I earned the nickname ‘miss enthusiam’. Anyway, I quit just before we went to Europe last year but tonight dad decided I had to go back. Previously I was enrolled in the kids class, but no, now I’m in with the big guns, and let me tell you, it’s painful. I can’t do one push-up, tonight we were meant to literally do five hundred. The guy running it was nice though and let me and Maddi do three for every ten the others were doing. My legs are already hurting, as are my ribs from holding a kick-pad but I’m sure the pain will be worth it. Not only am I learning a valuable skill in self defence, but I’m also getting, and staying fit. Plus, it only takes up an hour a week (plus travel time) so as far as sports go, it’s not completely terrible. The reason dad is making me go is so when I go to France next year I’ll be able to fight off any possible attackers. Um yes dad, not getting paranoid at all there…

frangipani princess xoxo

One thought on “Push Kick, Round Kick, Jab-Cross, Elbow…

  1. You're going to france next year just to kung-fu kick the crap out of all the frenchies?… TAKE PICTURES._Caleb

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