Waiting 75 mins at a train station is not as fun as it sounds…

After a whirlwind weekend that left me home late last night and with a killer headache this morning, I’m back. Ok, I just re-read that and it makes me sound like I went partying all weekend and woke up with a hangover, but seriously, the most hardcore I got was watching Sweeney Todd from behind my fingers. ‘Cause I’m that cool. It was a really fun weekend, a long one yes, but fun nonetheless. JB3D was, if possible, better the second and third time around. Hoyts was pov though and had installed security tags in the glasses so we couldn’t keep them. Mum kept me the Sunday paper and I was horrified to read that JB3D had been given four stars. Out of ten. How could someone do that? They obviously were like, a fifty year old man, and not a teenage girl which was who the movie was aimed at.
I bought some epic magazines at Borders, and finally found Forest Gump on DVD 😀 I’ve been looking for ages and I was so excited when I saw it. Toong and I also got fake ray-bans. They’re pretty epic. Mine are cooler than hers though, all white is what the cool kids have 😛
I’ll be back posting properly with magazine reviews etc. later tonight or tomorow.

frangipani princess xoxo

7 thoughts on “Waiting 75 mins at a train station is not as fun as it sounds…

  1. I belvieve the cool kids have white frames+black arms… Actually the cool kids have real ones.We so should’ve chilled in borders instead of the waiting room. especially since i couildn’t work the vending machine.xoxo.. toongen..

  2. you didn’t get to keep your glasses?!?!?my friend and I got 2 pairs wach 😀 😀 love them.haha at your fake raybans :)Joe Jonas wears all white ones. I classify him at a cool kid. Definately 😀

  3. Joe wears lots of different ones. But he is defs a cool kid. And anonymous, why do you keep coming back if all yuou have to say about frangi, or us commenters is rude and the same every time?xoxo.. toongen..

  4. I don’t see why ppl would give JB3D bad reviews, the movie itsefl was good and the way JB interacts with their audience and the stuff they do onstage(tricks/dancing) is amazing. THe only reason you could diss the actual movie was if you didn’t like the Jonas Brothers, it is after all imitating a real concert so you can’t diss it just because you don’t like that style of music. As a film and if you like JB’s music, it was amazing!

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