Dear new bloggers…

I get a lot of emails/comments asking me to check out people’s blogs and to comment. I really, really love doing it, especially when the person says I’ve inspired them. I do have a bit of advice for all new bloggers though:
When you start you blog, and I don’t know why but I’ve found it with like five new bloggers, the comment button doesn’t work. I was over at cat’s blog a few minutes ago, and I wanted to tell her how much I loved Frankie as well, but as with maddi’s and chell’s to name a few, I couldn’t. So cat and any other new-ish bloggers, if you haven’t had a comment yet, chances are you might not be able to. I think it’s pretty simple to fix, maybe go into settings and change comment type to pop-up. Oh, and try to add an email addy to your blog somewhere, maybe even create a special blog one, because if your comment box isn’t working, people can get in contact with you via there 🙂

frangipani princess xoxo
ps. Oh, and anonymous, hello again. You see, I am a cool kid, and this is my blog. If you really think I’m that immature and stupid, there is always a little red cross in the top right hand corner (left if you’re on a mac). I don’t see why you keep coming back if you hate me so much. Anyway, according to stat counter you’re a different anonymous to the last one, so maybe there’s a whole legion of you out there. Don’t worry, I have enough javelins…

6 thoughts on “Dear new bloggers…

  1. hey, thanks!! im super excited to be in your blog! :D, plus thanks! ive changed my settings (woot!), and i’d love love love it if you would be my first comment? thanks, cat xx

  2. Lol. Anonymous Anonymous. You are SO funny Nomy, I completely love you. Making fun of others is SO freaking haliarious, and sexy! Will you go out with me Nomy? Please? You’re making me so hot right now..

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