I have a javelin…

Well hello blog 🙂 I am sorry I haven’t been around these last two days, very pressing engagements in the form of the Jonas Brothers 3D concert experience. It was the greatest thing EVER, so you will have to excuse me for two days as I go to Melbourne with toong to see it again (twice more) and catch up with b and tam.
In other news, I found out who two of my anonymous commenters were. One was maddi trying to be funny *cough cough* and the other was an old school friend Milly. I still don’t know who left the mean ones, but don’t worry, I will find you. I have access to javelins, so if you’re going to be mean… beware 😛
I shall be back Monday, with epic tales to tell, magazines to review and on the request of various people, posts that relate nothing to Disney. *Sad Panda*, I know, but it needs to be done, at least every now and again…

frangipani princess xoxo

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