Uh Oh…

Oh dear DOLLY. It’s not your fault your new issue came out today complete with Kstew on the cover, a body love theme and a tech-famine feature. Months ago when you planned and made the issue you couldn’t have known girlfriend was going to come out with an almost identical issue two weeks before yours hit the stand. It was just a case of bad timing, you couldn’t have done anything about it. I feel for you, I honestly do. Although girlfriend had a JB feature, you did manage to come slightly ahead by featuring a poster of David Henrie. No magazine ever does that, and for it, I will be eternally thankful.
But seriously, the magazine was a total deja vu for the most part, but it’s not DOLLY’s fault, so go and buy it guys. Even if it is just for David and the bed socks. Full review soon.

frangipani princess xoxo

5 thoughts on “Uh Oh…

  1. :O :O :O :ODAVID HENRIE?!?!?!?!?!I LOVE HIM!!!HahahahaYou should’ve seen me flip out when I saw him on How I Met Your Mother a few months back 😛

  2. Oh how I mlove David and bed socks. Although my bed socks are better. I have like three pair, 1 pink, 2 purple and they’re fluffy. Kinda grandma-ish, but i love them.Xoxo.. Toongen..

  3. hahahahahahello anonymous 🙂 fancy meeting you here.and it’s not illegal to express an opinion. so why’d you get angry at us for saying we don’t like Camilla Belle?oh schnap.have a nice day :)p.s I’m assuming this is the same ‘anonymous’ as last time…

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