June Girlfriend…

Better late then never I suppose, here is the June girlfriend review. New DOLLY comes out tomorrow and I decided I should probably get back into these reviews, starting with gf. I already mentioned some stuff on it here, but it was more about my hatred of twilight than anything else, so I thought I should probably give the issue a proper look and chance.
Mmm lets flick through the fashion pages (which look rad, but I can’t really be bothered saying ‘and on this page what a stud’ etc.) and start on page 45, with:
Swimming At Night (and ten other kick-ass things to try before you turn eighteen) –  I have only done one of the things on this list, doing the 40hr famine, although it mentions walking around the school on weekends which I seem to do an awful lot. Not just on weekends either, holidays, after school and if I’m really unlucky, really early before school. The only things on the list I really want to try are swimming at night and throw someone a suprise party. The rest are either too weird for a small town (wearing a wig for a weekend etc.), or just don’t interest me (auditioning for australian idol).
Public Displays of Love and Affection – Random happy snaps of readers and gf-staffers hugging friends/boyfriends/siblings etc. Kind of weird, but I really love the LOVE picture up the top of the left hand page.
Foreign Tounge – This makes me rofl because Nat over at communitychannel did a vlog on this very topic not long ago, ordering foods in other languages. It’s a really good idea for an article and explains general information about the country’s (Japan, India, Mexico and Lebanon) food and then gives their most known dishes. It also has a cool pronunciation thing up the side.
It’s All About ME! – An article about being self obsessed. This totally doesn’t apply to me, so i skipped over it *shifty eyes* I think toong should read it though 😛
Real-Life Shopaholics – Different real-girls and their different versions of how they’re a shopaholic (designer, vintage, bit of everything). For the fashion minded, it’s quite a good spread.
Love Your Body:
Extreme Digital Makeover – This takes a real girl (who I legit thought was like, fifteen, but she’s twenty) and takes picture of her before using photoshop to turn it into a cover. I have a feeling they’ve run a story like this before, but it’s still a real eye-opener and a good read.
Food For Thought – Different snippets and facts about why you should love your body. My favourite part is the pictures down the side of how bodies have changed over the centuries.
Sized Up – Why you shouldn’t get hung up on your clothes size. I’ve always found all the different clothes sizes strange, but most people don’t realise they change from shop to shop, and country to country. Everyone really needs to take the advice of the last point, and remember that it’s just a number.
What Boys Really Notice About Girls – Dools annoys me, so I tend to skip over stuff by him, but I took notice of the heading ‘elbows’ because Joe said that’s what he notices first 😛 I then continued to laugh as Dools talks about how his cousin used to freak that guys would notice her scaly elbows but then turned out to be a lesbian. I must disagree to one of his points though, he says that guys notice the girl that’s into music like the Sex Pistols and bands most people have never heard of over the girl who dresses well and knows all the words to JB, because well, most people think of JB as a band no one really listens to. He should have said Chris Brown or someone that most aussie teens actually like…
Drastic Plastic – No offence to teen mags, but there seems to be an awful lot of plastic surgery stories running lately. Or maybe I’m imagining it all :S Anyway, it’s pretty much why teens get plastic surgery, readers opinions and ways to love your body. A pretty good read, but the layout is hideous.
Skinny Boys –  Apparently boys have body issues too. And get eating disorders. Another good article that I know opened up at least my eyes on the topic.
*skips over GF gets real. I don’t particularly care if you played a dead body, I have homework to get to…*
Gilfriend Unwired:
Project Homepage – How to personalise and prettify your (online world). Mostly stuff I already knew, just how to add layouts etc to various social networking sites and email providers.
Instant Celebrity – This caught my attention because it had a picture of the epic Nat. Though it was basically how to get famous on youtube, so I didn’t pay that much attention to it.
48-hour tech famine – Various gf workers realise they don’t really need the technology they’re so addicted to. I feel sorry for Katrina, the chief sub ed, who had to give up her internet though.
*skips more*
Thank you Mr Cullen – I mentioned in my last post that I skipped over this because of it’s twilight reference, but once I actually read Sarah’s beauty blog I realised how good it was. It was about how twilight made it cool to be pale again and that Bella made the natural look fashionable. Quite a good read, although the caption on Emmet and Rosalie should have read ‘All Hale the Pale’ in reference to Rosalie and Jasper’s last name…
*skips even more*
JONAS! – Sometimes, there’s one article that will make you love an issue forever. This is that article. Even though I’d read the interview before, and had seen all the pictures, there’s just a buzz you get seeing your favourite band in a magazine. Golly I love those boys ❤
Movie Review JB3D – Rob gave it four stars 😀 I always knew he won at life.
Drawings, yeah! – Speaking of Rob, his blog this month is epic as always. It’s another drawn one and he’s just hilario. My favourite picture was one that said ‘You ever sat in a bathtub + read a book? I haven’t. Looks Boring. The End.’

And that, dear readers, is also the end of this review. Overall, the bodylove theme definitely pones the psychic theme of last months DOLLY (which I never got around to reviewing). The twilight does take it down a mark or two, but it’s such an epic issue it has to get a 9/10. I’ve just realised how easy I am at ranking these magazines, i think the worst one has ever gotten was like an eight. I should really rank harder hahahaha.

frangipani princess xoxo
ps. What did you think of the issue?
pps. Review of DOLLY when I get time. Promise sometime in the next two weeks.

2 thoughts on “June Girlfriend…

  1. Haha, JB always make me love an issue. Like the August ’07 issue of DOLLY. It has Mischa Barton on the cover, but it introduced me to JB so I love it.Haha, Rob wins. And didn’t it say ‘All Hail the pale’ coz it wasn’t cool enough to spell it hale? I love Emmet…Xoxo.. Toongen..

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