Scary Maze Game…

Edit: Just realised the clip I linked opens a new window. Still do it, just warning you in advance that it won’t stay on my lovely (rofl) blog…
So today in French we got off topic and started talking about freaky videos. The only boy in the group mentioned the scary maze game. I couldn’t be bothered looking it up, but when the Miley and Mandy vid of it popped up in my reccommended vids on youtube, I could ignore it no longer. I knew what would be coming, but it still made me jump. Here it is. Give it a try, just for fun πŸ˜›

I apologise to anyone who was very scared, but you must admit, it is funny πŸ˜›

frangipani princess xoxo

3 thoughts on “Scary Maze Game…

  1. HahahahahaI made my friend do that when she had no idea what it was.She screamed so loud and fell off her chair.I rofled for like an hour straight.

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