Pfft being anonymous is so overrated…

You’re a moron, and yes, like it or not, you’re jealous. Joe will be 20 in a few short months. You’re a child, but he’s an adult in a relationship with another adult. Camilla did nothing to you except date your dream guy. Joe would be incredibly hurt by the mean comments you make about the WOMAN he chose. It doesn’t matter if you think they resemble each other. They are NOT related, so why keep on about that. It doesn’t matter if you think he “looked” better with Taylor. He wasn’t happy with that clingy psycho. Camilla has known that tennis player for years. He is gay. There’s nothing going on there. It’s Joe she wants, and he wants her too. She doesn’t see a younger Disney star when she looks at him. She just sees Joe, the man she loves and who loves her. After nearly 8 months, it would be smart to just give up on this stupid hatred of a lovely girl that you know nothing about except what other crazy obsessed Joe fans have told you. Trust Joe that he knows what he’s doing. He’s the grown up here, not you. He isn’t going to listen to his child fans when deciding who to spend his time with. It’s his life. He will do with it as he chooses. Until Camilla breaks his heart, there’s no reason to hate her. You ARE jealous, but just too immature to admit it.

So I logged onto twitter this morning and toong has tweeted that someone had left a hate comment on chell’s blog calling us all immature. The comment is above, and pretty much just craps on about we’re all jealous little girls for hating Camilla Belle. Whatever. At least we don’t hide behind a mask of anonymous.
It did get me thinking though; everyone always calls toong and I immature, and I’m sure other disney fans get the same treatment, but why? What is mature? I hate the fact that I’m labelled like a five year old (uhm, yeah, ignore my last post as I say this) just because I like Disney. Would you honestly prefer me to party, have a boyfriend and underage drink? Because that’s what the people who label me do. Chell mentioned in a post the other day that when she goes to parties she doesn’t drink or anything, she just just talks and dances. When I get invited to parties (uhm, for some reason doing the hoedown throwdown in the school quad seems to eliminate me from invite lists) that’s what I’m going to do. I honestly can’t see why I’m immature for dancing and liking some non-mainstream music. I’m proud to say the people I look up to are close to my age, not drug addicted and many of whom have taken purity vows. It’s not why I like them, but in my opinion it shows that they are much more mature than their alcoholic older co-stars, so why aren’t I mature for liking them? It’s just so weird. I’m not going to change for anyone. If being mature means getting drunk of a weekend and ‘hooking up’, then I’m proud to call myself immature. If someone doesn’t like me because I do the hoedown throwdown, or because I’m going to see JB3D three times, or because I quite happily sing (out of tune) to JB or t-swift, then that’s their problem. If they put away the make-up, the rap crap and the alcohol for five minutes, they might see just how much fun they’re really missing out on.

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