I would really like to see an eighty-two year old do it, or a five year old for that matter…

Last week at school, Toong and I set ourselves the task of learning The Hoedown Throwdown this weekend. I was planning on being home alone, as the parentals had friends coming down, but last minute plan changes left me with the fam all weekend. I downloaded the song yesterday so I have memorised the words, but the dance moves still fail me. Every Sunday night the rest of the family watches NCIS, so I set apart this time to learn the dance. Let me tell you now, it’s darn hard! So far I can pop it, lock it, polka dot it, countrify it and hip-hop it. I can put my hawk in the sky if it’s a good run, and then there’s just a period of me standing there trying to catch up until the one-footed 180 twist and then I get lost again. If only it were as easy as the time warp to learn. *sigh* . If anyone else wants to join me in my quest for hoedown throwdown perfection, I’m learning from this video. Embedding was disabled, otherwise I would have posted it here. Anyway, wish me luck 😀

frangipani princess xoxo

3 thoughts on “I would really like to see an eighty-two year old do it, or a five year old for that matter…

  1. I can do the moves seperately, but when I try and put them together it doesn’t really work. I’ll try and perfect popping, lokcing, polka dotting and countrifying before I go on to the rest.Xoxo.. Toongen..

  2. I’m fully pro at it 😀 :DIt helps when you’re a dancer though haha.I went to dancing the next week, and forgot most of my routines because I’d spent so much time learning the howdown throwdown instead of practicing.So worth it.hahalovelovelove

  3. I found it a lot easier to learn the dance by watching the video you posted a few times and then watching a video of Miley trying to teach Mandy how to do it.I took my a few hours but I got it after watching it over and over and over again.Good luck !!

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