Number Crunch…

The number of events I went in at the athletics carnival today – One
The number of drafts I made for my essay notes – Three
The number of tickets I bought to see JB3D next Saturday – Four
The number of times I tried to start a girlfriend magazine review this afternoon – Five
The number of hours until Paranoid is released – Twelve, and thirteen minutes
The number of days until Lines, Vines and Trying Times is released – Forty ( Forty-Three going on the Hot30s release date, but I hate them and wouldn’t really trust what they say)
The number of times I have listened to You Belong With Me since downloading it on Saturday – Seventy-Six
The number of songs on my iPod – Three Hundred and Seventy Nine
The number of twitter updates I have made since joining earlier this year – One Thousand Four Hundred and Twenty Seven

frangipani princess xoxo

One thought on “Number Crunch…

  1. haha good effort :):)I don’t go in any events at my aths carnival… i show up, chill, get bored, leave half way through, and go shopping hahahaI wish I had money to see JB3D in Melbs. Oh well. I’ll just see it locally haha.Oh and well done with Twitter! Haha. I’ve got like… 530 updates or something.lovelovelove

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