Random Question Time…

I was feeling bad because I could honestly not think of anything to post today, so I decided to ask you all a random question.

If you could be anyone in the world (living or dead), who would you be?

I’d be Maya Kibbel. That lucky cow gets to be best friends with Nick and tour with them all the time. Can you say jealous much?
I want you all to comment me your answers, it’s easy and fun 😀

frangipani princess xoxo

5 thoughts on “Random Question Time…

  1. But if you were Maya you dad kinda would’ve died of cancer when you were nine months old. I kinda feel sorry for her having everyone know about her dad. I honestly don’t know who I would wanna be. I’m pretty happy being myself, being Maya would be epic… It wouldn’t be too bad being Danielle. Nope, I think Maya wins for me, despite the whole dead dad thing.Man I have to stop writing such long comments.Xoxo.. Toongen..

  2. Mandy Du-whateverhernameis.Shes like, mega pretty. Was/sort of is BFF with JB AND got to kiss Joe Jonas and CJ from Push Play.What a life… Haha :)Maya would be rad too 🙂

  3. OHMYGARBO i have wanted to be maya for so long!ever since i saw her on living teh dream last year!shes so cool and funny (my friend went to a jb concert when she went to america and she met maya) and she hangs out with them lol.

  4. Hmm, I think if I could be anyone I wanted to be I would be Keira Knightley because she’s the same age as Robert Pattison, 😉 she’s beautiful and just all around amazing.

  5. hmm, this is hard.Perhaps Bindi Irwin(but her dad died like Maya’s) or maybe Demi Lovato, her life is pretty sweet but she was bullied really bad in school. Ha, seems everyone has something bad happen in their lives. I still think I’d like to be Demi Lovato.Couple other possibilities:Selena GDakota FanningTaylor SwiftEither one of the Obama daughtersOk, I’m stumped, this is actually really hard!

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