Taaaaam :D

I met my amazing friend Tam at music camp in 2006 but we’ve only been good friends since last years camp. She has the most beautiful singing voice (last year in elective choir, when I was up the back mouthing the words, she had a solo) and last week she finally started a music myspace. She uploaded two songs to it today and they’re so good! Both are 100% tam, all written, played and sung by her. My favourite is ‘Just A Fight’ and I have a feeling she performed it one night last year at camp, although I may be mistaken. Anyway, you should go over, listen and say hii to her. She’s so much fun and really nice, although she was the one who started the Potter Pupper Pals incident last year that ended with me, b and two other girls in the laundry detention in the middle of the night while she stayed nice and warm in her bed. Still haven’t completely forgiven her 😛
The address is http://www.myspace.com/tampetersmusic
Tell me (and her) what you think!

frangipani princess xoxo

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