Sterling and Lucas…

Let’s face it. To work with disney you can’t exactly be ugly, but there are some male stars that just go that little bit further. Two of these are Sterling Knight and Lucas Till. Those of you who don’t have Disney may have caught Sterling as the son in 17 again, but he’s my personal favourite in the new sit-com, Sonny With A Chance. Lucas Till is the love intrest in the upcoming Hannah Montana Movie, and as I posted yesterday, the love interest in the You Belong With Me clip.
Sterling is twenty, his birthday was on the fifth of March (’cause all the cool kids are pisces) and Lucas turns nineteen on the tenth of August. Neither look this age, probably because they star with younger females and well, work for disney, the company of eternal youth.

I am in severe hate with my computer right now, and it won’t let me add pictures here (which was going to be the point of this post) so I’ll just leave you with their imdb links so you can check them out yourselves:

frangipani princess xoxo

2 thoughts on “Sterling and Lucas…

  1. Chad Dylan Cooper *gasp*There’s a guy in my geology who looks exactly like him. Well, maybe not exactly… but a little bit. Makes class a little more fun.

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