So? Arrest me.

My name is frangipaniprincess, and I download music illegally. I know it’s against the law, but you know what? I don’t care. I’m sick of watching E! and seeing singers making hundreds of millions of dollars a year, some my age, and then flicking to the news and seeing kids my age with nothing. I’m sick of seeing that last year JB made $62mil and there are some kids at my own school that can barely afford groceries, let alone a new CD. It’s time we all took a stand against record labels completely ripping us off. A CD is not worth $30. Nobody I know actually pays that much for music. Some, including myself at times, buy a few songs off iTunes, but most have limewire or use or a similar site. If record labels brought down the prices of their music a bit, realised we’re in an economic downturn and can’t afford so many previous luxuries, maybe then I’d consider buying it legally. It’s just so pointless. Why do singers get so much money for pretty much just talking in a tune. I love music as much as the next person, but are our favourite singers really worth that much? Most singers say they play/perform for the love of it, but take away the money, and would we still hear them? What’s even more stupid is when they sue teenagers for downloading it illegally. It’s just selfish. It reminds me of the 2006 hit, Download This Song. That song spoke the truth, and maybe it’s time we all found it again and listened to what it has to say…

frangipani princess xoxo

6 thoughts on “So? Arrest me.

  1. The other night I was thinking I’m really not doing anythng to help jb by downloading their music, but then again they have movies+tv show. Then I remembered i watch those on youtube, so i’m really not helping them. Then i come on here and hear they made $62mil (really?) and i feel no guilt.

  2. I'm a music downloader too (the last time I actually bought a CD was like maybe three or four years ago) and I think its ridiculous that the prices of CDs are so high. People are paying like $25 to $30 dollars for, what, maybe 12 songs? Sure, singers do want to be paid for their hard work but, like you said, we are in an economic crisis and people just can't afford it. This is why I ❤ Limewire. Except those weird downloads that are like 'hott guyzz and gurls havin orgasms'… Not cool.xx Kaity

  3. What many people don’t realise about illegal downloading is that it’s not JUST the singer/actor that gets affected, everyone who helped make the movie or songs gets affected, right down to the person who works at the video or music store. So please think twice, it may be you(or someone you know) working at the cd store who’s getting paid les than they should.I myself use itunes for all my songs. And yes, it has costed me but I just accept the fact that I can’t get every song I’ve ever wanted. I have to pick and choose. Music is a luxury so in the economic downturn, it just means we have to buy less(not steal), it’s not going to kill us, most of us have a hefty collection of songs/cds anyway and I’m sure they’ll last us for a while.If I were you Georgie I’d actually google this topic, you’ll find a lot more info on the topic.People have worked hard to make the music and movies we all enjoy, we shouldn’t steal from them.But anyway, that’s just what I make of the subject.

  4. I think that people should be payed for their work. But when their pay is exagerated sooo much like that it get me angry. I buy the CD’s that I think are really really good other songs I get from limewire. How can the people that earn that much money live with themselves when they know they can feed and clothe about 2 poor countries for a year!! Check out my blog…

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