My first manicure…

My aunty is getting married tomorrow evening, so this afternoon I went to the hairdresser to get a manicure. While I was sitting there having my nails buffed, filed and painted, it amazed me just how much the people getting their hair done were spilling to the hairdresser and just how much the hairdresser was spilling back. Whenever mum goes to the hairdresser she comes back with lots of gossip, and it’s really starting to make me wonder; what is it about hairdressers that makes us spill our deepest secrets/latest gossip? Does anyone have any insight to this conundrum of life? It’s not like they’re our close friends or anything. Does this happen in the city or is it simply a small town thing? Opinions are appreciated.
My beautician is so nice though. It amazes me that she could be married to, and expecting the child of my evil pdh teacher…

frangipani princess xoxo

4 thoughts on “My first manicure…

  1. OMGGG G, mr tooke isnt evil… just cause he makes you participatee… i tell my hairdresser heaps just cause iv known her for agesss… and shes really nice… thats only to Kimm… i dont spill anything really to Nel or Cint. But yeaahhh you do find out a bit at the hairdressersss… i wanna be a hairdresser… if i dont become a journo… hahaha-C. xoxo

  2. haha, when I was doing my trial there was this one girl that was talking soo fast about her bf, she was all like *talking super fast* and then every time he walked passed he called me a SLUT! and now today he walked up and have me a massive bear hug and was like, Hows it going babes!? Very interesting being a hairdresser…

  3. yup, that must be a small town thing. People here would never share gossip, it’s just forced chat with the hairdresser and when I get my hair cut it’s silent the whole time.

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