Edward. Is. Not. Real.

Edit: After some comments, I decided I should add that once, I was the biggest fanpire out there. Seriously, it was crazy, I was that into them. But then the fourth booked sucked and the movie created too much hype and I just kind of got over them. I mean no offence to current fanpires.
I purchased the new girlfriend magazine on the way to school this morning. RPatz and Kstew on the cover again; weren’t they on like two months ago? I am so over this twilight craze, as the hater commented in the issue, it’s poorly written, annoying and unrealistic. Get over it already fanpires. Edward is not real. There is a double page spread on JB though *yay*, even if it is an older interview and pics. Rob drew his blog again, which was bound to be hilario, but my other favourite part, Sarah’s beauty blog was on twilight make up. I didn’t even bother reading past the heading, ‘Thank You Mr Cullen’. There was also this competition, that seems to be made for me. It’s to become their teen blogger and get one blog in the mag, and six on their website. Perfect, no? The only problem is, I need something to write about for the entry. They say anything, but I need something that really stands out. I have just under a month to enter, and I really hope my best will be good enough…

frangipani princess xoxo

8 thoughts on “Edward. Is. Not. Real.

  1. Twilight is getting quite annoying. Sure I loved the books when they came out, but the whole ZOMMMGGGGEDWARDDD I LOVE HIMMM AND I WANT TO MARRY HIM thing is a bit grating, and unrealistic. He doesn’t exist!I totally get where you’re coming from. I saw the GF comp too, totally go for it.Amy.www.inkandvenom.blogspot.com

  2. ok. I have to admit. I’m a Twilight addict. You should’ve seen my face when my homebase teacher told me she taught Rob Pattinson in London when he was 16. However, I do not think that Rob Pattinson/Edward Cullen is going to marry me, let alone even meet me.I love the story of the series and I think the movie was rad, but I agree with you, Girlfriend, Dolly and a bunch of 12 year olds have taken it way too far.Ah well, what can you do?lovelovelove

  3. hehewell, everyones different, right? like, i love twilight. im probably close to being obsessed, but i never will be. its just a major interest for me. something to waste time.. you know? its like you and the jonas brothers. something youre interested in. though, i dont mind if girlfriend,etc write about twilight.. its just i hate it when theres teens saying theyre in love.. i mean come on..but anyway thats another story.i hope you win that competition. i love your blog!take care, tiana.

  4. Hey Frangipani Princess! Thanks for the tweet – thought I’d check out your blog…it’s super cute. Glad you (usually) love my blog, but it’s such a shame you didn’t read it this month because of the Twi-heading… it probably isn’t what you expected =)

  5. Yeah I agree, I do like Twilight a lot, and think that Rob P is the hottest man in the world, but I can understand why people would not like the book. It might not be realistic and not as well written as other books, but you do have to be amazed at how a series of books could create such a fandom in the amount of time it has. Sure its no Harry Potter, but its given people everywhere a chance to put vampires in a totally different light. I still love the book and movie though, but sometimes it gets on my nerves…xx Kaity

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