After ‘Happily Ever After’ nothing bad happens to fairytale characters. Celebrities? Well, they’re not so lucky…

Earlier today Mia Freedman twittered ‘I refuse to believe any celebrity would use a surrogate to avoid getting fat or interfering with work. Infertility happens. Even to celebs.The tweet was about this post regarding Sarah Jessica Parker anticipating the birth of twin daughters, via a surrogate, but that’s not the point of this post. The point I want to make is the part I have bolded. Just because you’re a celebrity, it doesn’t mean that you’re automatically excused from having bad things happen to you. Celebrities are really just normal people, who happen to have a few more million dollars than most. They can still get sick, have accidents, lose friends… Just because people know who they are doesn’t mean they have a special safeguard around them, a force field that blocks out everything bad. Sure, if a celebrity gets cancer they can afford the best treatment out there, if they have a car accident, the best surgeons/doctors available get flown in, but sometimes? They die. It’s a fact of life. Princess Diana anyone?
As a society, we hold celebrities on some kind of pedestal, like they’re exempt from everything terrible that happens to us ‘normal folk’. Like they’re fairytale characters who live in world where nothing goes wrong (seriously? Have you ever heard of cinderella’s husband dying of cancer? Or Snow White’s best friend becoming paralysed in a drunk driving accident?). If even something slightly bad happens to a celebrity, we automatically feel their pain and cry for them. What would happen if the same thing happened to our next door neighbour? Would we care as much? What if, instead of it being Sarah Jessica Parker bringing home a baby (babies) born via a surrogate, it was your co-worker? Would you even care?

frangipani princess xoxo

2 thoughts on “After ‘Happily Ever After’ nothing bad happens to fairytale characters. Celebrities? Well, they’re not so lucky…

  1. That’s why I like tragedies and just plain screwed up books. Perfect happy endings annoy me because they’re not realistic (Twilight anyone?). I wanna watch Lawerance Leung (sp)Xoxo.. Toognen..

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