Reverse Underdog…

There’s a line in my current fave JB song, Underdog, that says ‘She’s always heard, “you won’t amount to anything” ‘ and then the song goes on saying how you should notice this girl because one day she’ll go places and stuff. I love the song and all, but it’s starting to frustrate me. Yeah, it’s tough when people think you’re dumb/can’t do things etc. but it’s even harder when the line reads reverse, like ‘She’s always heard, “you will amount to everything” ‘ because what happens if you don’t? What happens if you fail? It’s all good for JB’s underdog, she’ll come from behind, and because no-one ever expected it from her, they’ll be shocked, amazed and happy. For the other girl though, if she doesn’t meet their expectations, they’ll be disappointed in her, say that she could have done better, shake their heads and walk away. Why doesn’t someone write a song about being amazing, and then falling from grace? Why is it always the success stories, when we all know that in life, the success stories are the exception, not the rule? The song goes on to the bridge/chorus where it says ‘Tragic, the way, people pass her by, but now I realise that everyone sees her but nobody knows that she screams in her pillow, for a better tomorrow. She hates it, she fakes, watch out for that girl, one day she may change the world’. The chorus would pretty much stay the same for our reverse underdog; everyone sees her, expects things from her, but none of them take the time to realise just how unhappy she is. That like the Underdog, she screams into her pillow, stays awake sobbing at night, praying that tomorrow will be a better day. She hates the expectations, she fakes enjoyment, but they don’t need to watch out for that girl in the way they do for Underdog, they already watch out for her in that way. They need to watch out for her because one day she might just decide it’s not worth it. Give it all up. Run away and join a convent. Now that I would like to hear a song about.

frangipani princess xoxo

One thought on “Reverse Underdog…

  1. Sounds like you’re referring the reverse underdog to yourself???hmmmm?You can easily be successful but if you constantly worry about becoming unsuccessful then that is what will happen to you. Focus on the positives.

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