What being a true fan means:

We’re not in the fandom because they’re ‘OMJ s0 d4rn HAWT’ or anything (that would be the teenies), we really and truly love them, and that’s what I don’t think most of my friends understand. JB is not something I’m just going to get over, it’s a commitment. I’m going to be like those Hanson or BSB fans who, even after the band has broken up, is still supporting them. I’m in it for the long run, it’s not just a crazy crush. I fell in love with the music and their personalities before the looks. Sure it helps that they’re hot, but it’s their morals, their love, their music that keeps drawing me back. It’s Joe’s antics in the early days, Nick doing basketball tricks, Kevin failing at funny in Camp Rock. It’s supporting them when they get bad publicity, standing up for them when people talk crap, believing in their purity promises. It’s hating their ex-girlfriends, planning cross-country trips to see them in concert (if and when they ever come), counting down the days until their movie. It’s admitting you hate some of their songs, trying to sing in Japanese to others and wishing for just one second you were born in Wyckoff. It’s crying in Appreciate and ALBL, wondering what Poison Ivy is going to sound like, spending all your free time in the greatest fan forum ever. It’s making friends through them, dreaming about them, buying magazines for them. It’s talking about them so much that people hate you but you just can’t stop. It’s not being ashamed to cry when they’re eight measly hours away, but you can’t close that gap, having seventy posters of them on your wall, and then running out of room with posters to spare, singing along to their songs in the shower so loudly everyone can hear. It’s falling in love with Garbo, wanting to scream ‘No way! John Taylor!’ in court and knowing that Jack Lawless truly is flawless. Being a true fan is having them take over your life, and loving every minute of it. It’s not something you ever want to end. It’s life. It’s perfect. They’re perfect. And this fan is never, ever going to stop loving them.
To all the haters out there, I don’t expect you to understand this, it’s such a deep feeling it’s not something you can read and just get. You can go on thinking they’re gay, or ugly or stupid, but please, keep that opinion to yourself. I’ll let haters comment on this post, but then no more. Anything else on newer posts will be deleted. Do you want to know what I think? I think that if you even spent five minutes of your time doing something related to them, like listening to their music (that’s not SOS or Lovebug; two of their worst songs and yet the only one’s haters have ever listened to), visiting http://www.jonashq.org/ or http://www.jonasbrothers.com.au/ or going on the aussie forums, you would discover just how special they really are.

Peace, Love, Jonas
frangipani princess xoxo

11 thoughts on “What being a true fan means:

  1. You know what I got in my head late last night? Eternity. More specifically the second verse where it says ‘so close yet so far, but in my heart you’re hear with me’ because sydney is only eight away, driving, as oppposed ot however long it would take to fly to LA or westlake, yet Sydney is still so far away and we can’t get there and it kills me. Gosh I love that song.And why do haters only know the shit songs they released? they released hold on and WYLMITE too! Hold On is one of ym fav JB songs atm, and WYLMITE is one of my all-time fav songs.And I find it funny that I am 100% a Nick girl (though I do love them all he has my heart) yet its Joe’s girlfriends and ex-girlfriends that I want to throw off a tall building. And I find it funny that we liver Garbo, want to scream ‘No way! John Taylor!’ in court and know that Jack Lawless truly is flawless, yet Ryan gets no mention. Poor guy. I’m going to go mourn nowXoxo.. Toongen..

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