There were umbrella’s that people had forgotten about…

On the one day of the year where half the town turns up for an outdoor service, it decided to rain. It hasn’t rained all year, and probably won’t for the rest of the year, but today (and yesterday) the heaven’s opened up. I love rain, just not when I have to march down the main street and stand around in an open area for an hour, crammed under an umbrella with four other people. In my school dress. In the freezing cold. Yeah, don’t you wish you were me this morning?
That said, we were there for a very good cause, and when you think about it, the men and women who have served our country all over the world weren’t able to snuggle up with a good book, or sit in front of the computer, or watch a movie when it rained. They had to get out there and defend us; without umbrellas. It really is the least we can do for them to stand in the rain one hour out of the entire year. They deserve at least that much.
In other news, on my first attempt at finding employment I got a job trial πŸ˜€ It’s not at IGA or anything exciting, but at a local take-away restaurant. My shift is Monday night, and the lady said we’d work out from there when I’d work etc. I really need some money, so hopefully it sticks around πŸ˜€

frangipani princess xoxo

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