Well, they did say they’d come to Australia…

I’m back 😀 But seriously, why am I here when it is rumoured Joe Jonas and John Taylor are in Sydney?
Gosh, I just read over all my scheduled posts and some of them were quite terrible and horribley rushed. Sorry about that. Thank you to all my lovely new followers, commenters and people that emailed me. Keep it up, I love it 😀 I’m in the process of checking out everyone’s blogs and replying to them, so please don’t think I’ve abandoned you. While I was away I organised work experience at DOLLY magazine for the October school holidays *snaps for me*. I could have had it any time, but mum really didn’t want me missing school and we’re really busy in the July holidays. I am so excited, even if I do have to wait six months.
I also received a confirmation letter today letting me know that I have been officially accepted onto the EF high school year overseas program. I’m only going for six months though, to France from August next year. Seriously pumped for that as well 😀

frangipani princess xoxo

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