The ten reasons why…


  1. You have to use a pit-toilet
  2. There are no proper showers
  3. There aren’t any shops
  4. You have to sleep in a tent
  5. Animals can attack said tent
  6. Said tent is gross in rain/excessive heat
  7. There isn’t any power
  8. There’s no internet connection
  9. There’s no disney channel
  10. You have to share things with other people

Please don’t comment telling me in *shudder* caravans/dingy cabins you have power; I don’t want to hear. The only camping I do is of the five star variety…

frangipani princess xoxo

5 thoughts on “The ten reasons why…

  1. weren’t you four star in sydney?and when the girls camp, at like town beach, they go into town for pizza, and probably chill at amy’s mum’s house. lol..i do agree though that camping is grosss and i will never do it.xoxo.. toongen..

  2. Haha I don’t mind camping, but never for too long, and always in between spring/summer when it’s not too hot and not rainy :)And we make this rad toilet tent thing which is awesome haha.But I guess I do prefer hotels.

  3. Same same. My friends laughed at me when I had a fit because I said I refuse to go to year 10 outdoor ed camp because: “There’s dirt and you have to pee in a can”.But seriously, eww, who would actually want to go camping!!!???

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