Rumor Alert:

Edit: A JB friend and I decided via twitter that the tour should be called, instead of ‘the world tour’, ‘The tour where we spend three months in OUR part of the world, and three days in YOURS.‘ Doesn’t it just have a ring to it?
According to The Hot Hits, The Jonas Brothers will be hitting our shores in early December this year. Exciting right? However, the site’s sources claim they will be performing in Brissie, Sydney and Melbs, but in three days. As in, they fly in, do a concert that night, travel to the next city, do a concert, travel to the next city, do a concert and fly home. Rushed much? They also claim that the boys will have little to no time for interviews, and on some websites it is claimed they will have little to no time for meet and greets. I know I should be over the moon at this news, I am seriously one of their biggest aussie fans, but three days boys? Couldn’t you at least give us a week? I’m not taking anything as fact until the boys themselves announce it on their myspace page, which will hopefully be soon. We’re planning a trip to America for Christmas, and I wil die if they come here when I’m over there, so I need to organise dates around the concerts. I’d love to go to all three, but the mother would probably murder me if I even thought about asking her. I’ll definitely go to the Melbourne one, and if it doesn’t clash with school etc I might be able to go to Sydney. But seriously, I want official dates.
Are you planning on going to one of their concerts?
You can read the full article here.

frangipani princess xoxo

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